Get to know the Ottoman architecture and oriental art from the 15th century, still part of the historic urban center of Prishtina. Experience the act of praying and the architecture of three ottoman mosques, one of them having the biggest domes in the Balkans. Continue back in history when people used to bathe once a week in the Great Hamam (public bath). Follow the narrow streets paved in cobblestones to imagine the houses with enclosed courtyards, and get to see the preserved traditional houses. Furthermore, feel the sounds of lifeline in once a home to a family through audio installation. Apart from enjoying the home made traditional Turkish coffee, you will also be able to drink water in one of the remaining traditional fountains, located in a mosque yard. If you crave for kebabs, you’ll have a chance to enjoy them in a traditional small shop- one of the best in town. You’ll have the chance to see when the tour is finished, in one of the city’s landmarks- the clock tower.


  • Experience the historic city center landmarks: the clock tower, mausoleum, city fountain, the Great Hamam;
  • Get in the two complexes of city traditional houses: the Emin Gjiku complex and the Institute for the Protection of Monuments- both complexes still preserving the exterior but also the traditional historic interior with carved wood and furniture;
  • Visit the best preserved architectural structures, built in the 15th- 16th century: the Great Mosque (King’s Mosque), Bazaar Mosque and the Mosque of Jashar Pasha;
  • Learn about the architecture and history of Prishtina, when under the Ottoman rule, a time which has shaped the urban fabric of the city and has also influenced the culture and way of living;
  • Listen to the oral history behind the architectural presence;
  • Enjoy Turkish inherited food and drinks.


DEPARTURE LOCATION Skenderbeu Statue, Mother Theresa Square, Prishtina
DEPARTURE TIME Anytime from 09:00- 17:00
DURATION 3 hours (approx.)
  • Professional guide;
  • Entrance and admission to historic buildings and sites;
  • A delicious Turkish coffee, the best one in town;
  • Lunch- traditional Turkish food. Please tell us in advance whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or have any food allergies.
  • Hotel pick up;
  • Hotel drop off;
  • Accommodation;
  • Gratuities (optional).
  • Please note that this tour will be provided on foot and not by car/ couch;
  • The tour is suitable for everyone, regardless of their disabilities. Kids are welcomed under the care of a guardian;
  • Group size: Maximum people: 20.
  • Private tour is 80 Eur0


Kaltrina Thaçi, Cultural Heritage Expert

Kaltrina is a Cultural Heritage Expert working at Cultural Heritage without Borders since January 2012. She joined the CATUN Team in 2017. Kaltrina graduated at the University of Prishtina, in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in 2009. She completed the postgraduate studies in 2011 at Kingston University London, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture and was awarded MSc with merit in Historic Building Conservation. Prior to working at CHwB, Kaltrina was a freelance architect with 7 years of experience in architectural design and worked at the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning at the permits sector. She is very passionate about the remaining Ottoman sites in Kosovo, and has extensive experience in the documentation and conservation of such sites, such as Vushtrri Castle, Hammam, the Castle of Prizren, historic houses, mosques and historic urban centres.


The tour will start at the statue of our national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu, who fought against the Ottoman Empire although his first fighting skills were taught by the Ottomans. Walking on the new square, you will learn about the underneath archeology followed by the newly discovered fountain, once part of the old city of Prishtina. The Ottoman Empire made sure to build many religious buildings such as the Mosque of Jashar Pasha, the Great Mosque and the Bazaar Mosque which are still used by the Muslim community. Did you know that people used to bath once a week? The Great Hamam is a living fact to show everyone an old habit. A few steps away Emin Gjiku house will be another host of this tour, giving you the experience of old houses with sound installations and tour guide through the lifestyle of the community. This tour would be meaningless to carry on without tasting the kebabs in this area, still an essential dish in our kitchen. The Clock Tower will be the next destination to visit before an old mausoleum, and who knows you might find luck by dropping a penny through the old unique window. This small part of the city not only contains historic buildings, but also mind games such as chess which was a big part of the everyday life of locals. If you’re not into games, you can taste an authentic way of serving Indian tea or Turkish coffee while experiencing the old neighborhood. Last but not least, the Institute of the Protection of Monuments, now a host of an old traditional house will give you vision of how people used to live with a lot of family members, known as “bashkallak” and cattle as a part of their everyday life. At the end of the tour fill your bottle with water at the old remaining fountain located just in front of the National Museum.